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HippoCampus provides access to high-quality, multimedia content on general education subjects free of charge. You can access the content at HippoCampus in a number of ways:

  • You can browse an alphabetical or sequential list of course topics.
  • You can find course topics that relate to particular pages in commonly used textbooks.
  • You view complete courses including assignments, activities and assessments.

The basic HippoCampus interface consists of three blocks that are used to organize the website's features and content:

  • Announcements: Contains news and information.
  • Subjects: Shows the list of subjects and courses that are supported by HippoCampus.
  • Browse: Displays the content of the selected course.

To get started with HippoCampus, select an area of study in the Subjects menu.

The first course in the list of available courses will be selected. You can select a different course by clicking on the title of the course. The course content is displayed in the Browse block.


The Browse block has two tabs, Course and Textbooks. Each tab is divided into two panels. The left panel contains a menu displaying the available choices and the right panel displays content associated with the selected choice. With the Course tab selected, you can either browse a list of the multimedia topics or the complete table of contents of the selected course.


Use the Textbooks tab to view the list of Textbooks that have been correlated to the course content at Hippocampus. When you select a textbook, the right panel displays the titles of the course topics preceded by the page range that each topic corresponds to.


To launch a course topic click one of the topic titles in the right panel of the Browse block, the topic will open in a new window.


The frame above the topic content contains a number of buttons you can use to control the display of the topic content.

  • Left Arrow and Right Arrow: Displays the previous or next course topic.
  • Topic Text: Displays the narration text in a panel next to the topic content (if available). You can change the size of the panel by dragging the panel divider.
  • Feedback: Allows you to send your comments, questions and bug reports to the HippoCampus staff.
  • Share: Allows you to place a link to this topic at a number of popular bookmarking sites.
  • Link: Displays the URL you can use to link directly to this topic.