Students, teachers and homeschoolers all love Hippocampus

Here's what the teachers are saying:

HippoCampus is an excellent site for students to use to supplement the classroom presentation; to use for review, for clarification of concepts, [and to] improve understanding of concepts; and for enrichment.
The format is very easy to use. I can find appropriate topics quickly and they pertain to what I am teaching. The content is good and presented well.
I like the fact that information from many sites is compiled on HippoCampus. It is now my one stop for info that I would usually have to look on many sites for.
I love how the program goes sequentially, step by step. So many of the textbooks do not do this, and the students I work with get mixed up. I also love that I can learn the concepts in order to teach them better. I love the algebra program . . . the things the students have to do really help them understand.
I like the fact that I can find the exact book we use in class and seek out the content and documents for it.
The material on the website is superbly integrated with relevant and useful material.
I like that HippoCampus continues to be proactive in providing current resources and sharing them. It makes mining the Internet for enrichment, supplementals and support SO much easier.
[The Playlist feature is] extremely helpful in enhancing the student's understanding of the subject matter.

HippoCampus is a go-to site for home schooling:

We will be using the site as part of a program of study (biology) for high school students in our home school co-op.
As a homeschooling parent on a tight budget it is a real treat to find a site as user friendly, as relevant to our curriculum, and as well-priced (free) as you site. Thanks!
I appreciate high quality, free courses to enrich the high school home school experience for my teens!

Students love HippoCampus, too!

Our Professor uses Hippocampus almost exclusively in addition to the textbook; and honestly I just review this site before testing and have a perfect grade so far from that, thank you!
I love all of the lower math because I am in AP Calculus and I can do that wonderfully, but basic algebra on the ACT is killing me. This will help big time!
This site is excellent and was referred to me by two of my teachers. I just hope to find more content included since it has been so helpful. Let's put it this way, I'm in six AP classes and I've tried to find a site like this for a long time and I could not be more thrilled to have finally found it. It made me want to fill this (survey) out just so I could let you all know what a good job you've done with it. Thank you!

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