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Teaching English Blog

NROC English Foundation Lessons

Click on each of the links below to view the lesson.

Unit 1: Introduction to College Reading and Writing

Unit 2: Identifying Main Ideas

Unit 3: Discovering Implied Meaning

Unit 4: Interpreting Bias

Unit 5: Analysis through Definition

Unit 6: Learning Across Discipline

Unit 7: Exploring Comparative Elements

Unit 8: Informed Opinions Through Causal Chains

Unit 9: Applied Critical Analysis

Unit 10: Using Sources in Critical Reading and Writing

Open Textbook to Accompany NROC Developmental English:
Course Reader for "Crafting an Effective Writer -- Tools of the Trade":
English Grammar Playlist--Capitalization and Punctuation in Titles and Parenthetical Expressions:
English Writing Playlist--Understanding a Writing Assignment--Title, Topic, Author, and Audience:
English Writing Playlist--Identifying Phrases versus Clauses, Sentence Transitions, and Commas:
English Writing Playlist--Using an Active or Passive Voice and Adding Enlivening Writing:
English Writing Playlist--Modifying Writing with Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, and Figurative Language:
Adult Ed Hippo Playlists (for TABE and GED) developed by the State of Kentucky:

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